Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one.

African American Proverb


Read an article describing how and why Dr. Long started WE NEED MORE, LLC. Exploring Life & Business with Leroy Long III


WE NEED MORE, LLC offers educational research and evaluation, consultation and training, book and grant writing, as well as community service and outreach such as public speaking.

1) Inspire Youth - with T-Shirts, Hoodies, Books, Blog Posts & Public Speaking Requests

Shop for and support our t-shirts and hoodies (Note: The majority of the shop proceeds will go towards student scholarships & outreach activities)

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»Happyness can be purchased via Blurb, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop.org & Poetic Justness can be purchased via Blurb, Amazon, Google, or Bookshop.org.

Blog - My Monthly Sports Minute - available via Medium.com

NOTE: The majority of the book & blog proceeds will go towards student scholarships and outreach activities.

2) Award Scholarships - with SoLoved, the Minority Athletic Directors Association (MADA), and the Cloud Family Foundation

Stats: Donated and partnered with SoLoved, MADA, and the Cloud Family Foundation for scholarships impacting more than 20 students.


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3) Provide Outreach & Community Service - with Local and National Partners

Partners: CodeOrlando, National Society of Black Engineers, Orange County Public Schools & Rejoice in the Lord Ministries

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If you would like to donate to WE NEED MORE, LLC you can do so below using the Cash App or PayPal button. Thank you for your support!

The majority of proceeds will go toward student scholarships and outreach activities that benefit local and national organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Orange County Public Schools, and Rejoice in the Lord Ministries, to name a few.

NOTE: We are not a non-profit.


For public speaking requests and other requests, please contact us here.