EASE Research Team

Working to encourage equity, ethics & career readiness via sports & STEAM.

Director and Founder

Leroy Long

Leroy Long III, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Engineering Fundamentals
  • Grant Recipient, 2019 NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program
  • Interesting fact: I'm artistic and creative (drawing, writing poetry, etc.)

Student Researchers

Sydney Ellise

Fred Clayton

  • Sophomore, Aerospace engineering student
  • Interesting fact: I am a turbine engine mechanic
Sydney Ellise

Sydney Ellis

  • Senior, Human Factors
  • Outside Hitter, Volleyball
  • Dream job: Human factors professor who is able to create new human factors programs at other universities
Sydney Ellise

Makayla Hooks

  • Sophomore, Human Factors Psychology
  • Interesting fact: I am a first generation college student and will graduate a year earlier than my expected graduation date
Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones

  • Senior, Aerospace Engineering
  • Forward, Basketball
  • Dream job: Project manager over commercial airplanes at a company like Boeing
Sydney Jones

Tamzen Wilson

  • Sophomore, Human Factors
  • Libero, Volleyball
  • Interesting fact: I love to travel and do water sports

Student Alumni

Melanie Canfield

Melanie Canfield

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2021
  • Middle Blocker, Volleyball
  • Dream job: Leading a team in designing the most sustainable form of renewable energy
Melanie Canfield

Ruth Chungi

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2021
  • College of Engineering Representative, Student Government Association
  • Executive Board, African Student Association
  • Interesting fact: I enjoy redesigning interior spaces and exploring new outdoor places.
Meteme Desta

Mahteme Desta

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2021
  • Engineering Ambassador, Boeing
  • Interesting fact: I love exploring new cuisine, enjoy traveling and am trilingual.
McKenzie Jackson

McKenzie Jackson

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, 2021
  • Midfield, Lacrosse
  • Dream job: Civil engineering firm involving construction
McKenna James

McKenna James

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2019
  • Former Middle Blocker, Volleyball
  • Systems Engineer (program: Fleet Ballistic Missile), Lockheed Martin
  • Master's Student (program: Systems Engineering), University of Arizona
  • Interesting fact: Moved 13 times & attended 3 high schools before college
Claudia Morello

Claudia Morello

  • B.S. Physics, 2018
  • Doctoral Student, (program: Physics), Kansas State University
  • Graduate Research Assistant in Condensed, Soft & Biological Matter Physics
  • Dream job: Designing optics experiments at a national lab or optics company
Danielle Ogilvie

Danielle Ogilvie

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2020
  • Former Student-Athlete, Soccer
  • Engineer, Accenture
  • Interesting fact: Studied abroad as an undergraduate
Christian Pierre

Christian Pierre

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2019
  • Former Chapter President, NSBE
  • Flight Test Engineer, Boeing
  • Master's Student (program: Mechanical Engineering), University of Southern California
  • Interesting fact: Fluent in three languages
Kobe Reese

Kobe Reese

  • B.S. Human Factors, 2021
  • Extra-curriculars: User experience design
  • Dream job: User experience research and design
Olivia Roa

Olivia Roa

  • B.S. Human Factors, 2020
  • Former Libero, Volleyball
  • Master's Student (program: Human Factors), ERAU
  • Dream job: User experience designer for a company like Google
Olivia Roa

Jordan Schumacher

  • B.S. Human Factors, 2021
  • Outside Hitter, Volleyball
  • Interesting fact: I love beach and indoor volleyball.
William Wanyagah

William Wanyagah

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2019
  • Former Chapter President, NSBE
  • Development Engineer, Cummins
  • Interesting fact: loves volleyball and art
  • Dream job: Chief Creative Officer at an animation studio

Faculty Research Affiliates

Dr. Sharnia Artis

Sharnnia Artis, PhD

  • Assistant Dean for Access and Inclusion
  • Assessment Specialist
  • Diversity and inclusion researcher, engineering education
Dr. Sharnia Artis

Robert Bennett III, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Health, Exercise and Sport Studies
  • Sport and Society Researcher; Historian
  • Former D2 Student-Athlete
Dr. Morris Council

Morris Council III, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, College of Education
  • UWG Faculty Athletic Rep.
  • Athletic Scholarship Recipient, Former D1 Student-Athlete
Dr. Kelly Cross

Kelly J. Cross, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Diversity and Inclusion Researcher, Engineering Education
  • Intersectionality & identity researcher
Dr. James Pembridge

James Pembridge, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Engineering Fundamentals
  • ERAU Faculty Athletic Rep.
  • Grant Recipient, 2019 NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program
Dr. Lulu Sun

Lulu Sun, PhD

  • Professor, Engineering Fundamentals
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Researcher, Engineering Education
  • Engineering Graphics and Gamification Researcher
Dr. DeLean Tolbert

DeLean Tolbert, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Access and Equity Researcher, Engineering Education
  • Engineering Design and Problem-solving Researcher
Dr. Michael Steven Williams

Michael Steven Williams, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Higher Education
  • Social Justice Researcher
  • Student Engagement Researcher





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