Leroy Long III, PhD is a husband, STEM educator, artist, author, speaker, change leader, and believer. Dr. Long is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Department at Sinclair Community College. He is the manager and owner of an education-based company called We Need More LLC and a non-profit called We Need More Mercy. Dr. Long is also the founder of a research team called Engineering, Arts & Sports Engagement (EASE).

In 2021, Dr. Long became the first Black person to earn tenure in the College of Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. He also became the first US born Black man (American descendent of Black people who were enslaved) to earn tenure in any college on any Embry-Riddle campus.*

* These historical stats have not been verified by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

By day, Dr. Long teaches engineering classes, conducts educational research, and volunteers in the community as a college professor. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing sports, competing in card and domino games, exercising, reading, writing poetry and traveling with his wife.

Dr. Long is from Dayton, OH - the birthplace of Paul Laurance Dunbar, the Wright Brothers, aviation, the cash register, Funk music, the Dayton Marcos, and the NFL's first game. He is a proud graduate of Dayton Public Schools and Wright STEPP - Wright State University (WSU)'s former Science, Technology, and Engineering Preparatory Program. Dr. Long earned a Ph.D. in STEM (Engineering) Education from The Ohio State University (OSU) and an M.S. and B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from OSU and WSU. He also took classes at Sinclair Community College and interned with Toyota.

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